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At CJ's Events Warwickshire we recognise that the events industry has a direct impact on the local, regional and global environment. As a company we are dedicated to providing a high quality service while minimising the environmental impact, both of our own company, and of the events we organise.

The ways in which we try to reduce the impact of our traders & visitors include:

  • Assessing the social, economic and environmental impact at the start of the planning process
  • Including sustainability clauses in event regulations
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible
  • Communicating electronically rather than by paper
  • Minimising the impact of travel
  • Thinking about the well being of our traders & visitors, the local community and any other stakeholders
  • Raising awareness of our efforts and sharing best practice


We ask our traders as far as possible to:

  • Serve fresh produce in season
  • Use fairly traded products, such as coffee, tea, bananas and chocolate
  • Provide vegetarian options
  • Produce healthy and nutritious meals, avoiding foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar
  • Operate a recycling scheme, including composting
  • Non single use plastic glassware, cutlery, plastic bags etc
  • Single use plastic bag ban across our Warwick District Markets


Where possible, we communicate local attractions and amenities to our traders and visitors to benefit the local economy.

Paper Waste

  • We avoid excessive paper usage by carrying out all marketing, correspondence and applications electronically
  • We ensure that all paper waste is collected and recycled
  • We reuse used paper for printing drafts
  • We use double sided printing and non-glossy, recycled paper, with vegetable based inks, where possible
  • We print documents in black and white rather than colour

Raising Awareness

We make traders & visitors aware of the sustainability measures being taken to improve the image and reputation CJ's Events Warwickshire and to protect the environment


We evaluate the success of the measures taken and learn for next time. Where possible we offer traders & visitors the opportunity to provide feedback

This policy is reviewed annually by the Company Directors