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Warwick Town Centre Road Closures

Warwick Town Centre Road Closures

The annual Warwick Food Festival will be taking place on Saturday, 27th May and Sunday, 28th May. In order to accommodate this event, it is necessary to have road closures in place from 17:00hrs on Saturday 27th May until 22:00hrs on Sunday 28th May.

These closures are necessary to ensure the safety of all those attending the event and to allow vendors to set up their stalls and culinary delights in a safe and efficient manner.

The following roads will be closed:

  • Old Square
  • Market Place
  • Market Street
  • The Holloway
  • New Street (Including New Street Car Park)
  • Swan Street
  • Brook Street (Junction with the Butchers)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the road closures, but we hope that you will understand the importance of these measures.

Please plan your journeys accordingly and take note of alternative routes that will be available during this period.