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Warwick Market to Close Earlier This Saturday Due to King's Coronation Celebrations

Warwick Market to Close Earlier This Saturday Due to King's Coronation Celebrations

On Saturday, the town of Warwick will be celebrating the coronation of their new king, and as a result, Warwick Market will be closing earlier than usual. The market will run from 08:30hrs until 12:30hrs.

Warwick Market is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It is known for its wide selection of fresh produce, artisanal cheese, homemade jams, and other handmade goods. The market also houses an array of local businesses and vendors who depend on this popular weekly hub to sell their products.

However, the Coronation Celebration is a highly anticipated event, and organisers have deemed it necessary to close the market early to allow the vendors and visitors to participate in the festivities. The celebration is set to start at 15:00hrs and will feature music, dance performances & food.

Jamie Walker of CJ's Events Warwickshire said: 'While it is unfortunate that the market will have to close earlier, it is important to remember that this is a significant event, and it is crucial to support and participate in the celebrations.'

'We have worked closely with Warwick District Council, along with the organisers of the Kings Coronation Celebration, Warwick Town Council & Warwick Chamber of Trade to ensure the celebrations can take place safely, causing as little disruption to Warwick Market.'

If you are planning to visit Warwick Market this Saturday, make sure to schedule your visit early and understand that the market will be closing at 12:30hrs. For those who are interested in participating in the coronation celebrations, remember that this event will be a great opportunity to witness a historic moment and celebrate with the town. Let us all come together and embrace this wonderful occasion.