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Warwick Market - Safeline Takeover Day

Warwick Market - Safeline Takeover Day

A local charity working to support those affected by sexual violence and abuse is set to take over Warwick's market later this month, for a third year in a row.

Safeline Day will return to Warwick Market in Market Place on Saturday 30 September 2023.

Between 9am and 3pm, live music and entertainment will run alongside the normal weekend market. 

The New Street based charity - which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year - held its first market takeover in 2020 as the country emerged from the first national lockdown. 

The day is one of a number of community initiatives backed by CJ's Events Warwickshire - the company behind Warwick's weekly market.

"We continued to support our clients all the way through Covid and lockdown, which was fantastic that we were able to do that," Rachael Stevens, Safeline development coordinator, told Nub News. 

"As we were coming back out of Covid we wanted to let people know that we are still here."

Although located in the middle of Warwick town centre, Rachael said: "People still don't know what we do and that we are here. 

"This concern led to us creating Safeline Day to increase awareness of the charity's services and emphasise the local support on offer."

She added: "CJ's old office was opposite us on New Street, and we got chatting about having a stall and Jamie [Walker] said why not take the market for the day?"

The first Safeline Day saw a temporary stage built outside Shire Hall for the live music, and the event has grown from there. 

Rachael said the market traders were particularly supportive, donating prizes to the raffle and promoting the charity throughout the year.

Although Safeline deals with very serious topics on a daily basis, Rachael said the day was about having fun and getting the local community involved.

"We want the day to be a happy family occasion," she explained. 

"We want people to come down and recognise the name 'Safeline'. 

"We do it in a helpful, happy way to spread the name Safeline and then if there are people on the day who need help, hopefully they will know they can contact us."

Further to their approach to raising awareness about sexual violence and Safeline's services, Rachael explained how the event has benefitted the regular market traders.

"It [is] great for the traders that we can hopefully attract more people down to the market for the day." 

Alongside thanking the traders and CJ's, Rachael also said that the charity was grateful to the previous Mayors of Warwick for their support, as well as local MP Matt Western and Warwick Town Council.

"This day, and what we do is only made possible by the support of local people and businesses," she added.

Explaining why supporting Safeline Day is such an important thing for CJ's, company director Jamie Walker said: "It is of utmost importance that we extend our support to local charities, particularly those dedicated to addressing sexual violence and abuse.

"While it may be a difficult subject for many to discuss, it is crucial that we shed light on the fact that support is available. 

"Supporting a local charity that addresses sexual violence and abuse demonstrates our commitment to promoting healing, raising awareness, and providing resources for survivors.

"By lending our support, we actively contribute to breaking the cycle of silence and creating an environment where survivors feel heard, believed, and empowered.

"These charities play a significant role in providing vital services and support systems for survivors of sexual violence and abuse. Through counselling, crisis intervention, education, and advocacy, they offer a lifeline to those who have experienced the unimaginable.

"By supporting these organisations, we help ensure that survivors have access to the help they need to overcome the trauma and rebuild their lives though charities such as Safeline."

To find out more about Safeline Day, follow this link and to find out more about Safeline's services, head to the website here.

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