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Warwick Market Remains Open during St Mary’s Church Road Closures

Warwick Market Remains Open during St Mary’s Church Road Closures

The iconic tower of the Collegiate Church of St Mary in Warwickshire has undergone extensive restoration work in recent years, and the highly anticipated moment has now arrived when the scaffolding is finally scheduled to be removed. Serving as a crucial support during the repair process, the scaffolding had reached the top of the tower by February of last year. Almost twelve months later, the dismantling of the scaffolding has begun, signaling the near-completion of this ambitious restoration project.

In order to facilitate the safe and efficient removal of the scaffolding, Warwickshire County Council has announced a temporary closure of the roads surrounding the church, commencing on Monday, 22nd January 2024. The affected roads include Northgate Street, Church Street, and Old Square. These closures are expected to be in effect until Thursday, 19th April 2024.

To ensure smooth traffic flow and minimise disruption, parking around the church will be temporarily suspended, in addition to the implementation of a one-way system to redirect vehicles. These measures are necessary to enable the removal of the scaffolding while safeguarding the public and ensuring the uninterrupted progress of the project.

Despite these temporary inconveniences, it's worth noting that Warwick Market will continue to operate as usual. Visitors and locals can still enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this historical market, even during the ongoing works and road closures. However the market may be smaller in size due not being able to use Old Sqaure, as this will be part of the one way system to redirect traffic.