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Warwick Food Festival confirmed for 2024 with a new venue!

Warwick Food Festival confirmed for 2024 with a new venue!

Local Market & Event Operators CJ's Events Warwickshire have announced that the Warwick Food Festival will be returning on Sunday 26th May 2024! They also share the news of it's relocation to the beautiful St. Nicholas Park. 

The Warwick Food Festival has become a staple event in the region which has been running for 6 years, celebrating the vibrant culinary scene, and showcasing a diverse range of food and drink traders. The festival has consistently attracted thousands of food enthusiasts from across the country, providing them with a unique opportunity to indulge in mouth-watering treats and discover new flavors.

Jamie Walker for CJ's Events Warwickshire said: 'Warwick Food Festival continues to grow year on year, and the event has simply outgrown the Town Centre and faces many logistical challenges with using the small spaces and streets available. In its new location at St. Nicholas Park, the Food Festival will be able to use large green spaces to open the event up. Visitors can also relax and enjoy their food in a serene environment, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

He added: 'As the Warwick Food Festival prepares to embark on an exciting new chapter in St. Nicholas Park, we cannot wait to welcome you to its new venue. The festival will remain for free for all visitors, we'd like to thank Warwick District Council for their support.

The festival will continue to offer a wide variety of food options, catering to all tastes and preferences and applications for trading open on 1st December 2023.

In addition to the mouth-watering food options, the Warwick Food Festival will also feature live entertainment, including music performances. The Operator is also looking at cooking demonstrations, and interactive workshops, so that visitors can engage with the festival in an interactive way, further enhancing their overall experience.

For more information will be released over the coming months.