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Trade With Us!

Trade With Us!

Our brand new website features an interactive Traders Portal. Each Traders portal allows them to see what markets and events they can book into, applied for, rejected or withdrawn from, along with what payments are outstanding.

All traders, even if they have already applied and been accepted onto a market, will need to register their business with us online to have access to their Portal.

  1. All traders are asked to visit This form and document request will only need to be done once, unless you need to upload new documents. Once you're registered, your details are stored on your Portal and can be edited at any time. 
  2. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email to set a password for your account. Once this is done, you'll have full access to your Portal, you'll be able to apply for any upcoming markets or events. 
  3. When applying for a market or event, you'll receive a notification to say if you've been accepted or rejected. If accepted, you'll receive a payment link. Payment must be made in line with the Regulations for that market or event. 
  4. On each application for our weekly markets, you'll see an option to become a recurring trader, only click this if you want to trade at that market every time it's on. 

NOTE: If you have already paid for an upcoming market, you will automatically be added, you will not need to re-apply.

Traders who currently trade or have booked into an upcoming market have until Monday 9th November to register their business with us, traders will not be permitted to trade after this date, until they have followed step 1 & 2 of above.   


  • How many times do I need to upload all my information and documents? Just the once! As soon as you've registered your business with us, we'll have everything for you. When applying for events, we'll only need to know the basics and will be a much quicker process for you!
  • Can I not just apply for a one-off event? You must register your business with us first, if accepted, you'll then have access to the event calendar. You can apply for as little or as many markets as you wish.
  • Can I apply to be a weekly trader? YES! When applying for your selected event, there is an option to become a recurring trader, this will sign you up for every time that market takes place.
  • Do I need a Permit to Trade Form? Any one selling Food & Drink MUST upload a Permit to Trade Form. This can be downloaded by visiting and uploaded when completing the 'Become a trader' form.

If you get stuck, give our team an email via or call on 01926 800750!