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The Mayor visited many businesses last month to celebrate the reopenings

The Mayor visited many businesses last month to celebrate the reopenings

On Monday, April 12 it marked a significant day in the easing of lockdown restrictions, with many businesses reopening. To celebrate the occasion the Mayor of Warwick, Cllr Terry Morris spent the visiting and reopening shops, barbers, pubs and restaurants across the county town. Now, after the easing of the restrictions, the Mayor looks back at how the first week went.

Mayor's viewpoint:

I visited 31 businesses on Monday April 12 including shops, pub beer gardens, restaurants/cafes and a fitness centre/gym. There was a real buzz around the town with business owners and shoppers alike clearly pleased to be on the journey back to normality.

On Thursday April 15, I went to a couple more businesses and also dropped into the Lord Leycester Hospital.

Saturday was another busy day – I started in Warwick market where an additional 18 traders were allowed to set-up their stalls under the relaxed rules about 'non-essential retail'.

I also had the opportunity to thank the CJ Events team for everything that they have done throughout the pandemic.

The fact that Warwick market was open to run was not only of benefit to the traders, but also gave many shoppers the opportunity to safely be amongst other people.

For some, this was the only social interaction they could enjoy during lockdown.

After spending time in the market, I visited more town-centre shops, cafes, barbers and a tattoo parlour, before heading off to Smith Street to meet a number of business owners there.

I was also delighted to visit Castle Hill Baptist Church for their "space to remember" event where I hung a card on the tree of remembrance and lit a candle to symbolise all those who have lost loved ones during the last year.

Looking back on the last week, it was lovely to see people out and about in the sunshine and to experience Warwick feeling more like the vibrant community town that residents and business owners love so much.

I'd like to encourage people to continue to support local businesses and to continue to follow government guidance on keeping safe as we head into what will hopefully be a happy, healthy summer."

Article from Warwick Courier