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Local Charities Invited to Attend Warwick & Kenilworth Markets

Local Charities Invited to Attend Warwick & Kenilworth Markets

Charities work tirelessly to provide much-needed support and assistance to those in need. In recognition of their invaluable contributions, CJ's Events Warwickshire are delighted to extend a warm invitation to local charities to participate in their bustling markets in Kenilworth & Warwick. This unique partnership aims to foster a sense of unity, support, and giving back within our communities.

Warwick & Kenilworth Markets are a hub of activity, attracting residents and visitors alike. By allowing local charities to participate in these events, we create an ideal platform for them to raise awareness about their causes. Armed with their enthusiasm and dedication, charities can convey their messages effectively and connect with visitors.

Jamie Walker of CJ's Events Warwickshire said: 'Local charities attending Kenilworth & Warwick Markets presents an excellent opportunity for them to generate much-needed funds. Whether through selling merchandise, running raffles, or organising fun activities for visitors. Charities can select any market date within 2023 to attend and can attend up to 5 times this year, trading fees will be waived for their selected dates.'

To support our local community, we are offering this free opportunity exclusively to charities that are based within our district and benefit those in our community. To participate in this offer, charities must first register with us. We kindly ask that organisations provide the necessary information, such as their legal name, contact details. Additionally, charities must hold a minimum of £5 million in Public Liability Insurance (PLI) coverage.

Any charity interested in taking up this opportunity can do so by emailing or by visiting