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Katherine Attreed and Tina Smith invite you to their Sausage Sizzle in Market Square on Saturday

Katherine Attreed and Tina Smith invite you to their Sausage Sizzle in Market Square on Saturday

TWO Expat Aussies are hoping to raise bucks with bangers to support the disaster recovery mission during Australia's devastating bushfires.

Katherine Attreed of Warwick and Tina Smith of Kenilworth are hosting a Sausage Sizzle at Warwick Market on Saturday (Jan 25th), the day before Australia Day.

They will be selling meat and vegetarian sausages and hotdogs for £2 with all money raised going to their chosen charities: The Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery and WIRES Wildlife Rescue. The ladies are hoping to raise in excess of £1,000 as well as inspiring other local Aussies to follow their lead.

The bushfires, which are still raging across the country, have already destroyed more than 10 million hectares of land (the equivalent to 40% of the UK) and 2,600 homes, and killing 28 people and one billion animals including 30% of the entire koala population.

Katherine, who moved from Melbourne to the UK nine years ago, said: "Bushfires in summer are part of living in Australia, but the scale of these fires is just crazy. The loss of land, homes, wildlife and people has been horrific. We both had family and friends affected but thankfully they are all okay. We just wanted to do our bit to help."

"Sausage Sizzles are a very common way of raising money for good causes in Australia. In fact, a sausage sizzle is a bit of an Australian institution. You'll usually find them on most weekends outside "Bunnings" stores (the equivalent of Homebase or B&Q) all across the country.

"We really wanted to find a way to raise money to help back home and this just seemed fitting."

The fundraiser has also won the support of many local businesses including CJ's events, who run Warwick Market, Ben's Biltong – which is supplying the hotplate – and local butchers including Rowleys and Mel Broome & Son as well as donations from bakers and the local supermarkets.

Katherine added: "We would love as much support as possible to raise lots of money, so pop along to their Sausage Sizzle between 9am-4pm to pick up a delicious sausage or you can just donate in one of the collection tins."

You can also donate directly via: Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

WIRES Wildlife Rescue


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