Trade with us.

If you would like to trade at one of our markets or events we'd need some further details from you. You can download a form by clicking the links below, or alternatively you can make an enquiry using the form below.

Application Form (PDF)        OR      Application Form (Word)
Applications must be accepted by the market/event manager before payment is sent to us. If you have any questions please contact the office on 01926 800 750 where a team member will be able to help you.

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By submitting this form, you are indicating all the above is true to the best of your knowledge and agree to our Market & Event Regulations for your specific event. I understand and accept that I may be prosecuted if any information in the application is known to be untrue or false.


  • Acceptance or refusal of applications to trade will be at the sole discretion of the CJ’s Events Warwickshire Limited and no application will be accepted until such time as all information required by the CJ’s Events Warwickshire Limited has been provided.
  • All Traders must notify CJ’s Events Warwickshire Limited immediately, in writing, of any changes to the details provided in their original application to trade form.
  • No Trader is permitted to trade from the Market until such time as their application to trade has been processed and accepted by CJ’s Events Warwickshire Limited